At the occasion of Transports Publics tradeshow,
the Forsee Power Group launches two new products

June 12 – 14, 2018 - Paris Porte de Versailles, France

After a major financing and a new production site in France, Forsee Power strengthens its product range for public transport


Paris, June 12, 2018 - Forsee Power, the French expert in smart battery systems for urban mobility, announces its 2018 innovations at the Transports Publics show in Paris, taking place June 12 – 14, 2018.


Forsee Power's Zen and Pulse ranges are completed with the Zen 35 and Pulse 15 respectively. Zen 35 is a lithium-ion battery pack designed to provide high energy for a day of operation in complete autonomy. While Pulse 15 offers high power for fast charging.



Cell technology

                         Zen 35


                         Pulse 15


High power capacity


9 C peak, 5 C for 5 min

Power density


488 W/kg

Energy density

130 Wh/kg


Modular system

Packs connected in parallel

Packs connected in parallel

Cooling system

Air cooling system

Liquid cooling system

Weight and dimensions HxWxD

275 kg, 340x450x1723 mm

260 kg, 320x450x1723 mm


These new battery systems, Zen 35 and Pulse 15, will be produced at Forsee Power’s new site in Poitiers France. In March 2018, the Group announced the creation of an industrial site near the Futuroscope for the manufacture of its batteries dedicated to transport. This new site will enable the Group to start mass production and increase capacity to 2,500 bus batteries per year by the end of 2018. More than 150 jobs are expected this year and nearly 300 by 2021. This new location in France follows the € 55 million financing announced by Forsee Power in 2017, to support the industrialization of its battery systems. The Group works for renowned bus manufacturers including CNHI (Iveco, Heuliez), CaetanoBus in Portugal and Wrightbus in the United Kingdom.


"With the Pulse 15 and Zen 35, Forsee Power presents to the market a very comprehensive range of batteries for transport. This allows us to respond to all the electrification issues of our customers, whether overnight charging, fast charge or hybrid coupled with hydrogen" assures Sébastien Rembauville-Nicolle, Director of Forsee Power Smart Transport division.


The Pulse range

Developed by Forsee Power, the Pulse range offers buses with fast charging options (3-5 min at the depot, 15-25 times a day). It can also equip buses with hybrid fuel-cell engines.


The Flex range

With a 150 kWh Flex battery system, a bus can travel more than 320 km daily thanks to opportunity charging. Wrightbus has operated this type of system in Milton Keynes since 2013, using a 120 kW induction charging system that can recharge the battery up to 40% in 30 minutes.


The Zen range

The Zen range provides even more energy (300-500 kWh) with less weight. It allows autonomy of more than 300km with a charge at the deposit.


In addition, to facilitate access to battery systems by Public Transport stakeholders, several international players including Forsee Power and EDF created NEoT Capital ("New Energy of Things"), the first international company dedicated to investing in the field of distributed renewable energies and electric mobility. Caisse des Dépôts (French sovereign fund) is partnering for the green mobility fund.


Focus on recruitment at Forsee Power


In addition to the current recruitments for its new industrial site; Forsee Power continues its plan to recruit 100 employees over two years for the headquarters and R & D center in the Paris region. A variety of positions are currently open.


The recent opening of new headquarters at the gates of Paris (Metro Porte d'Ivry) was made with the aim of encouraging recruitment, especially for the positions of engineers (electronics, system, mechanics, industrialization) or project managers.


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