Forsee Power, the specialist in lithium-ion battery systems for electric mobility, is proud to announce it will be attending Intermot, the international trade show for electric bikes, scooters, and motorbikes, held in the German city of Cologne on 5-9 October 2016. Forsee Power can be found in Hall 5.2, on Stand 013.


Firmly established on the electric bike and scooter markets, Forsee Power will unveil its latest technological developments and officially launch its diagnostic tool designed exclusively for use with electric bikes and scooters: the ForseeTrack



ForseeTrack: Forsee Power’s diagnostics tool that is revolutionising electric mobility 


This new preventative tracking tool quickly provides usage data for lithium-ion batteries. It has been designed for use by fleet managers, retailers, repair centres, individual customers, and even Forsee Power’s after-sales team. It can be used to perform diagnostics remotely or on-site.



“Developed internally by the Group’s R&D teams, ForseeTrack tracks on-board batteries and collects statistics on how they are used by analysing their cycles and how they are working.  It provides regular mobile monitoring of the battery, allowing real-time diagnostics. It turns out to be really useful for our customers during maintenance operations, helping to reduce costs”, explains Frederik Baudrier, Director of the Mobility Division.



The information provided by ForseeTrack depends on the user profile (fleet manager, repairers, resellers), as well as the features supported by the batteries chipset.



A flexible approach tailored to different user profiles


A first level of information for retailers provides an overview of the level of charge, the lithium-ion battery, cycles, and temperature. The second level of information is more advanced. It was developed for repair centres and manufacturers and provides more detailed information on the general health of the battery, voltage, current, temperature, and any error reports. It contains data that after-sales may find useful when providing remote maintenance, in real time.



In addition to the tool’s own display and cloud storage, a variety of network connections – Bluetooth, Ethernet, and 4G – are available for use with smartphones, tablets, and computers.



For a product to be truly attractive and unique on today’s market, it is essential that it is global and built on a service that comes with the product. This new tool combines these two aspects and offers decisive added value to our end customers”, Frederik Baudrier highlights.