In line with the development of the all-electric version of its GX 337, Heuliez Bus and the French company Forsee Power have signed a deal to develop and manufacture an energy storage system. The solution offered by Forsee Power delivers one of the highest energy densities on the market allowing vehicles to travel up to 200 km with more than 90 passengers on board, without recharging.


France's leader in hybrid technology buses, Heuliez Bus has gained considerable experience in electric transport having delivered more than 500 hybrid buses. In July 2016, Heuliez Bus will provide the RATP, the Parisian public transport operator, with the first GX ELEC, its latest all-electric bus. The vehicle will be tested under real operating conditions by the RATP as part of its assessment of electric buses currently available on the market.


Forsee Power is a leading provider of lithium-ion battery systems to power portable and mobile equipment, electric transport and energy storage markets. For the public transport sector, Forsee Power has developed a wide range of battery solutions for both hybrid and all-electric propulsion.