Forsee Power confirms its status as a leading contributor to the energy transition in three markets of the future, with application-specific offers


Forsee Power, the French battery systems specialist, showcases its three markets of the future: Smart transport, Smart life and Smart energy.


The specialist expertise of Forsee Power lies in its ability to design modular smart batteries that draw on the world's most advanced technologies. Forsee Power leverages this expertise to push back the limits between digital technology and industry through the development of the most highly optimised energy solutions for each of its clients, thereby supporting the energy transition with very real agility and reliability.


"Our three markets of the future reflect our commitment to industry, and underline the international dimension of Forsee Power, a French company with a strong presence throughout Europe, China and North America with its high added value products", explains Forsee Power CEO Christophe Gurtner.


Smart Transport

Forsee Power offers the most extensive range of lithium-ion batteries for the transport industry; solutions designed for use in electric and hybrid vehicles that demand complex battery systems specific to each application: urban buses and trucks, quadricycles for use with or without a driving licence, sports cars and racing cars, utility and 'final mile' delivery vehicles, boats and aircraft.


Smart Life

Forsee Power supports its customers with their innovations, and develops battery systems that are specially developed to power mobile and connected devices across a broad range of different applications: medical equipment, robotics, home automation, portable tools and terminals, security and defence applications and electric mobility solutions (electric bikes, scooters, golf karts and wheelchairs).


Smart Energy

Forsee Power stores and provides energy management solutions for homes, shopping centres, industrial facilities and smart grids. With its battery second life offer, Forsee Power brings to market energy storage solutions built around the re-use of batteries previously used to power electric vehicles.


Forsee Power has redesigned its website to support its strategy against a background of full-power growth

With its brand new logo, Forsee Power keeps the brand's DNA, bringing more strength, modernity and visibility to the table. Balance and stability are the key words reflected by this logo.

Forsee Power has chosen the Drupal platform for its all-new designer website. The sleeker, more structured visual identity is designed around each of the company's market offers, but with multiple points of entry for smoother, freer browsing.


Offered in six languages for the company's international audiences, the new website clearly illustrates its three flagship markets.