With the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo starting on June 23rd 2015, French battery integrator FORSEE POWER is proud to announce its partnership with HyPS – Hybrid Propulsion Systems to create a unique hybrid propulsion system for the super yacht industry.


Since 2014, HyPS and FORSEE POWER have joined forces to develop an innovative hybrid propulsion system. This is now implemented on a J-class superyacht for the renowned shipyard Holland Jachtbouw . Equipped with a 85kWh/200kW battery system, this ship will be able to:


+ Cruise on battery power

+ Manoeuvre on battery power while entering/exiting the harbour

+ Provide on-board energy while staying at anchor or in harbour, without taking its energy from diesel generators

+ Charge either from the on board generator, the propulsion machine in generator mode or sail power recovery


Electric propulsion brings significant reduction in fuel consumption and pollution, as well as a higher level of comfort for passengers due to a low level of vibration and noise.


HyPS is a Netherlands based company specialising in the design, development, delivery and service of marine hybrid power and propulsion systems. The HyPS system includes a Hybrid Automation System that manages propulsion commands and selects the most efficient propulsion and power modes. It also takes care of power and energy management including battery conditions. FORSEE POWER develops and manufactures custom battery systems for diverse applications. Supported by EDF (French #1 electric utility) through its venture capital fund Electranova Capital.


FORSEE POWER has been selected by HyPS and HJB for the robustness reliability, and power density of their systems. Over the past years, FORSEE POWER has developed battery systems with a high level of energy and power, and deployed its technology in various transport applications. FORSEE POWER systems are developed according to a higher level of functional safety, and implement very robust and proven safety devices against thermal run-away propagation, thanks to its advanced thermal and electronic design. The technologies delivered by FORSEE POWER are compliant to many safety standards, which allowed, HyPS and FORSEE POWER to go successfully through the most stringent LLOYDS marine certification process.


The other key advantages proposed by FORSEE POWER battery systems are high energy and power density, as well as a modular design, which allows for its battery pack to be installed into the narrow space available in different vessels.


The firm was also chosen for the long lifespan of their products, (a key criteria in the marine industry); this is made possible by FORSEE POWER’s liquid cooling, which is not only the most efficient way to cool down the battery chemistry, but also the most convenient way to provide cooling in narrow spaces of boat.


Through this project, FORSEE POWER confirms its commitment to supply performance and quality products to the electric and hybrid transportation sector, and especially to the marine industry where safety and long term performance are key. This partnership allows the three companies to benefit from their mutual know-how and offer innovative hybridization solutions to the marine market.


The Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo is entirely dedicated to the newest technologies in the field of electric and hybrid technologies for marine propulsion. To serve this market FORSEE POWER brings its experience in high added value battery systems designed for performance and heavy duty applications. Along years, FORSEE POWER has developed a modular approach based on different chemistries (super-caps, lithium-titanate, NMC) in order to design and manufacture systems that can go from a few kWh to several MWh, from a few V to 1000+V, and from very high power to very high energy. FORSEE POWER developments comply with higher safety standards and certifications, with a view to serve most stringent applications in road, rail and marine industries. Since energetic transition in the marine sector is a growing tendency, the company designed systems for superyachts as well as work-boat industry through hybridization for silent and zero emission modes and peak management of Dynamic Positioning Systems, and all-electric ferries. The technology used by FORSEE POWER allows electric and hybrid boat manufacturers to go clean, silent and powerful.