Forsee Power showcases French skills internationally 

Forsee Power receives Jury Award at the Second V.I.E. programme Award Ceremony hosted by MEDEF and Business France


Paris, 22 June 2017 – Forsee Power, the expert in smart battery systems for urban mobility solutions, has chosen to implement the V.I.E.* International Internship Programme at its Zhongshan facility in China, a flexible and agile route to collaboration between young people and the company.

On June 21st, the Group received the Jury Prize at the occasion of the second V.I.E Award Ceremony hosted by MEDEF, the French business confederation.

« We are honored and proud to receive this prize. At Forsee Power we value the V.IE. programme that has proven to be very beneficial over the years, both for the intern and for the company. » explains Christophe Gurtner, CEO of Forsee Power.                                                                                                                          

With 300 employees, more than 200 of whom are employed outside France, Forsee Power continues this year to expand its presence in China, a country where electric mobility is now a mature market, and where Forsee Power already occupies a strong position in the high-potential scooter market.

With its advanced lithium-ion solutions adopted by Chinese scooter manufacturer Doohan, Forsee Power provides everyday support to its teams based here, where 150 employees are currently working on around 40 projects. The aim of introducing the V.I.E. scheme was to guarantee 'Made by French' quality and expertise to support the ongoing quest of Forsee Power to identify and recruit new talent.

V.I.E. - a win-win opportunity

Operations manager, Electronics engineer, Mechanical engineer, Project engineer and even the CEO of Forsee Power in China... all have benefited from the V.I.E. experience. Adoption of the V.I.E. scheme improves coordination between China and France, and makes it possible to introduce different working techniques. Since V.I.E. was first introduced at Forsee Power, around 75% of scheme members have continued their contract in the careers offered by the company. In 2016, all the French Forsee Power staff based in China had V.I.E. scheme experience, either with Forsee Power or another company.

"We are happy to confirm that the V.I.E. programme will continue at Forsee Power", said Frédéric Poupeau, CEO of Forsee Power in China.

"We see V.I.E. as the first stage in integrating talented people from France or elsewhere in Europe into our Chinese organisation. It allows us to offer a beneficial and secure solution for engineers and the company, at the same time as attracting talented young people keen on working abroad in a French company. I was part of the V.I.E. scheme in 2004 as a Project Engineer at Forsee Power, until I became a permanent employee in 2006. Since then, I've been fortunate to do a number of different jobs at Forsee Power, from Project, R&D and Quality management to the point where I joined the executive management team in 2011", concludes Frédéric Poupeau.

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