Forsee Power presents its Life range in Europe at
Medical Battery Conference.


Life batteries, the Smart Life range of Forsee Power dedicated to medical applications.


19 - 20 November, 2018 at “Hotel Marriott Düsseldorf Seestern” in Düsseldorf



Paris, 19 November, 2018 – The Forsee Power Group, the French expert in smart battery systemsfor electromobility and portable applications, will present during the second edition of the Battery Medical Conference, its Life range composed of three batteries: Life 46, Life 72 and Life 92.



An established name in the development of custom batteries for the electromobility, medical, tooling and home automation markets, Forsee Power's Smart Life division recently released a new line of standard batteries. The range is designed for medical equipment such as portable oxygen concentrators (POC) and robotics equipment.


Developed in just six months by the Group's French-Chinese teams, the 11.25V - Life 72 - and 14.8V - Life 46 and Life 92 – solutions have merged to meet customer demands for competitively priced products and very short delivery lead times with these specific voltages.



« Medical Battery Conference is the unique opportunity to present our innovative solutions to mobile medical devices manufacturers. Our teams of Project Managers, Electronics, Thermal and Mechanical Engineers are working on developing reliable products that meet the needs of portability and autonomy” explains Frédérik Baudrier, Director of Smart Life division at Forsee Power.


All technological innovations will be exposed, with the presence of large private and public companies, start-ups and investors interested in this growing sector.



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