Forsee Power and Linear Technology announce their partnership at this year’s Electronica fair

Forsee Power is a specialist French manufacturer of lithium-ion battery systems for use in transport, electric mobility, portable devices, and energy storage, and is ready to announce its partnership with Linear Technology, an American group that supplies electronic components. The partnership will lead to significant improvements in the accuracy of how our batteries are measured, and guarantee optimal operational safety.


Linear Technology and Forsee Power are working closely together to develop new industrial strategies. Staff at both companies are in contact every day, and this regular dialogue is enabling electronic engineers in both countries to develop improved circuit boards that combine electronic and energy efficiency. 


“The special relationship we have forged with Linear Technology is founded on a transparent collaborative partnership. Linear Technology provides us with excellent technical support, while also granting us access to their roadmap. The measuring accuracy and reliability of their instruments complies with the ISO 26262 standard, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of our products”, highlights Vincent Blavette, manager of the Electronics Team at Forsee Power.


All of Forsee Power’s batteries for the Smart Transport market incorporate Linear Technology components which have helped Forsee Power to win prestigious contracts like Govecs, Forsee Power’s first major contract in the mobility market.