As the Eurobike trade fair is held on 26-29 Aug 2015 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, Forsee Power, a company that designs and integrates battery systems, is pleased to announce the development of a new and unique type of battery management system (BMS): a modular BMS. Initially designed for portable and mobile equipment, it will eventually be available for all types of systems.


Everyday devices are becoming increasingly mobile and sophisticated. The constant addition of new functionalities is having a strong impact on those devices’ battery life and performance. Batteries are now expected to take up as little space as possible, while still offering unrivalled performance. If increasing the size of the battery is not an option, it is however possible to alter other technological aspects such as the BMS.


This is the avenue that Forsee Power has taken, and is what makes the integrator unique. Since it was created, the company has developed and manufactured its own BMS which it tailors for its clients. Given the time and effort required for such an approach—it takes between 2 months and 1 year to develop a BMS—Forsee Power has decided to develop an entirely innovative and currently unique system – a modular BMS.


The idea was to design a BMS made up of basic components (for both software and hardware) that are scalable and interchangeable. Based on these components, a BMS can be developed more easily and more rapidly. This means the system no longer needs to be redesigned A to Z every time. Instead, it simply requires assembling the various components needed for the new BMS.


“The development of this modular BMS demonstrates both the technical skills that we are particularly proud of, and Forsee Power’s strong strategic choice,” explained Christophe Gurtner, CEO of Forsee Power. “For the past two years we have considerably reinforced our R&D division and increased investment in order to design increasingly sophisticated and intelligent batteries that address the growing demands of today’s users regarding the battery life of their devices. This is what we can achieve with this new generation of BMS.”


The new modular BMS will simplify the upgrading of battery systems by altering the structure or organization of the system, but without needing to completely overhaul it. By producing its BMS range on an industrial scale, Forsee Power will reduce the time needed to develop products and respond to clients’ expectations.