As the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2016 is opening its door this morning in Amsterdam, Forsee Power continues its progress on that fast growing market


Specialist in advanced battery solutions in various markets (portable equipment, Transport and Storage), Forsee Power offers a large range of battery systems for marine applications, from high power solutions (for full-electric propulsion with fast charge, hybrid propulsion, or other high power application) to energy solutions.


Within its Energy and Power solutions (renamed “Flex”), Forsee Power is unveiling today the module EP9, of 9 kWh, 90V. By doing so, Forsee power is offering a capacity increase of 25% (in the same form factor) to the module (EP7) that Forsee Power is proposing since a few years to the transport industry.


Thanks to its liquid cooling, this module can deliver 18 kW continuous and 27 kW peak. Assembled in various configurations in series and parallel, this module is ideal to build solutions ranging from 100V up to 800V, and of several dozen kWh up to several MWh.


Thanks to its design focused on lifetime, reliability and safety, EP7 technology is already embedded in several yachts that have been certified by high-profile certification organization.


The EP9 module will benefit from this superior design and return on experience, and will allow its customers to bring more energy and power into their hybrid and electric propulsion projects.