Forsee Power, a leader in the field of lithium-ion electric battery systems for electromobility, has announced its batteries will be powering the new StreetAir EV bus produced by Wrightbus, the Northern Irish bus designer and manufacturer, who is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.


The cutting-edge technologies developed by Forsee Power satisfy all the requirements and constraints imposed by the electric bus market: autonomy, power, weight, speed and safety.


StreetAir EV buses, soon to become a regular sight in London and Liverpool’s streets, embody one of the major needs of bus operators: no need to charge the battery during the whole day and a complete overnight charge. The Wrightbus StreetAir EV single-decker is 10.6 meters long, equipped with a 300kWh battery and capable of covering up to 200 miles before charging is required.


“Forsee Power has been a battery supplier to Wrightbus since 2013 and our collaboration with this manufacturer encompasses the whole product range our company has developed for transport applications,” said Sébastien Rembauville-Nicolle, Forsee Power Transport & Storage Division Manager. Our products allow us to satisfy all of the requirements in the Wrightbus Specification, and our three product ranges – Pulse, Flex, Zen – are or will soon be one of the battery offerings on the Wrightbus product range. The foothold gained in the UK by Forsee Power through equipping StreetAir EV will enable us to consolidate our legitimacy in the international public transport market,” he concluded.


Pulse range

The Pulse range (power range) developed by Forsee Power provides buses with the possibility of fast charging (3-5 mins at the station, 15-25 times per day). It can also equip Plug-in hybrid and fuel-cell busses.


Flex range

With 150kwh of a Flex battery system, a battery can clock up over 200 miles a day thanks to intermediate opportunity charging. Wrightbus operates such a system in Milton Keynes with inductive charging system of 120kW, which enables the battery to be 40% recharged in 30 minutes)


Zen range

The Forsee Power Zen range provides even more energy (300-500 kWh) with less weight.


Spotlight on the three main Forsee Power Smart Transport offerings

Armed with its extensive battery technology and know-how, Forsee Power’s offerings cover the whole range of energy levels required to meet all bus electrification requirements.





 Pulse range

 LTO / liquid cooled

 Full hybrid.

 Plugh-in hybrid.

 Full electric with fast charge.

 Full-electric with fuel cell.

 Flex range

 NMC / liquid cooled

 Opportunity charging.

 Overnight charge.

 Zen  range

 NMC / air cooled

 Long range with overnight charge.