The Oscult ultrasound scanner developed by Oscadi is powered by Forsee Power batteries.

Forsee Power, a company specialising in lithium-ion batteries for medical equipment, is providing its lithium-ion batteries for the Oscult ultrasound system, developed and marketed by Oscadi, a start-up specialising in ultrasound imaging systems.


Following in the footsteps of American companies O2 Concept and Precision Medical, Oscadi entrusted Forsee Power with developing batteries for the Oscult ultrasound scanner. Mobile, light, intuitive and connected, Oscult is the first ultrasound scanner on an iPad enabling examinations to be shared in real time. It is user-friendly with immediate familiarisation. Forsee Power continues to make its mark in the Medtech industry and underlines, once again, its ability to develop batteries for different uses: oxygen concentrators, injection pumps, diagnostic tables.


Hervé Méjécase, from the Smart Life division at Forsee Power states:

“The battery developed by Forsee Power for the Oscult scanner uses very-high capacity Panasonic cells. Our aim for this innovative battery was to pass the 16-hour autonomy barrier.”


This completely innovative battery has been developed in Forsee Power’s Polish factory which has obtained ISO 13485 certification thus enabling it to produce medical devices.


  Forsee Power batteries for Oscult ultrasound scanners: Technical Details
  • Battery: Li ion 3,6V 14200mAh
  • High energy density: 280Wh/kg - 700Wh/L
  • Compact: 192 gr/84cm3
  • Useful life: 500 cycles
  • ISO13485-certified