Forsee Power, a specialist in lithium-ion battery solutions, is proud to announce at the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo that the company will be providing the battery system that will be integrated aboard the Energy Observer – the first ever self-sufficient electric catamaran: Energy Observer


The Forsee Power battery system will be coupled with an energy system developed by the CEA Liten research institute. The system can store the energy produced by the solar panels on the boat, and will be combined with electricity generated by a fuel cell used to propel the vessel forward and supply the auxiliary systems.


The battery system will be made of the Flex EP7 modules, as well as the BMS and Master-BMS battery management systems.


Available on the market for the past four years, Forsee Power technology is extremely safe, reliable, and durable, and has proven experience in marine applications.


The project is sponsored by Florence Lambert and Nicolas Hulot, and supported by the Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Humankind.


The CEA will be attending the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo with a new model of the Energy Observer.

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