Forsee Power, the specialist in lithium-ion battery systems for the Internet of Things (IoT), and Augmented Acoustics, the fast-growing startup that designs mobile solutions to improve the sound quality of live concerts, announced their partnership to build the Peeble®.

Augmented Acoustics has chosen to work with Forsee Power as the supplier of lithium-ion batteries for its Peeble® system. This connected object, which links to a Smartphone using low-energy Bluetooth technology, gives Forsee Power the opportunity to continue its expansion into the IoT market.

"This partnership with Augmented Acoustics is the perfect illustration of our ability to support the innovations developed by our customers. From the smallest connected object to advanced medical equipment, our Smart Life division offers lithium-ion solutions that make it easier to use portable devices every day", explains Frederik Baudrier, Head of the Smart Life Division at Forsee Power.
"One of the problems for Forsee Power was the size of the battery. Our challenge was to adapt our existing technology to the minimal amount of space left inside the Peeble® unit designed and developed by Augmented Acoustics", says Hervé Méjécase.

The miniaturisation of battery solutions and their associated safety systems is an ongoing challenge for Forsee Power. The skills of the company's technical and design teams make it possible to develop very small, long-life lithium-ion battery solutions easily and accurately.
"What we needed was a battery tailored to the size of our Peeble® unit, but that would be lightweight and offer long battery life at the same time. The teams at Forsee Power were able to respond very quickly to this strategic necessity for our product", explains Augmented Acoustics CEO Stéphane Dufossé.
Technical details of the batteries developed by Forsee Power for Augmented Acoustics

  • 3.7V 1200mAh prismatic lithium-ion battery with integrated protection circuit
  • High energy density: 470Wh/litre
  • Minimal size: 6 mm thick / 22 g in weight
  • Lifespan: 500 cycles, representing