Europe, China, and the USA: three priority investment areas with energy markets at different levels of maturity.

2016 was a great year for Forsee Power, who won a number of new contracts in the electric scooter, bus, and marine transport sectors, as well as for connected devices. Spurred on by this growth, Forsee Power is carving out a place as a strategic player in the world’s transition to clean energy.

Forsee Power is an expert in smart battery systems for urban mobility, portable equipment, and energy storage solutions. Employing more than 300 staff – including 200 working abroad – it predicts that its turnover will double in 2017.

“We are about to witness massive growth in urban electric vehicles in France and around the world. Bikes, scooters, buses, trams, trains, and boats... ever more of them are fitted with electrical batteries, promising a bright future for clean transport and mobility”, Forsee Power’s CEO, Christophe Gurtner, explains.

2017 is a strategic year for Forsee Power as it will significantly accelerate its investment in two new flagship markets – public transport and light mobility – across three geographical areas where the transition to clean energy is a strategic challenge for local authorities.

So that the cost of batteries does not impede the transition to clean energy, Forsee Power is offering financing solutions for battery systems used in transport and fixed storage. Combined with its expertise, these finance solutions are a way for its customers to optimise their equipment assets while enjoying a very high level of service.

Forsee Power is supporting European governments as they accelerate the development of electric public and private transport

While Europe’s national energy markets are at different stages of maturity, the electric urban transport (buses, trams, etc.) and light mobility markets (scooters, bikes, etc.) are flourishing with major promises being made by European cities, and Paris and London in particular.

Forsee Power is present in all of these markets, with the exception of private cars, and currently equips market leaders and behemoths in transport and mobility with the widest range of lithium-ion electric batteries.

For every kind of transport, Forsee Power selects THE optimal solution, which it then pairs with the best performing battery systems for that purpose, whether heavy or light, always taking the charging infrastructure likely to be in place into account.

The United Kingdom is the European country with the most advanced energy policy. As partner to Wrightbus, Forsee Power quickly developed a presence in the UK, providing equipment for all of the brand’s electric vehicles, namely the StreetAir EV launched in late 2016.

In Germany GOVECS, the European leader in electric scooters, chose Forsee Power’s batteries for its range of 72V electric scooters, designed especially for deliveries and shared mobility solutions. Forsee Power also provides trendy portable batteries to Unu, a German urban scooter manufacturer.

Laying foundations in Germany is a measure of our future success”, highlights Christophe Gurtner.

In France, Forsee Power has secured a solid position with some iconic and strategic players: the battery system specialist is working with JCDecaux on the electric version of its bike-sharing offer, as well as with Heuliez on its 100% electric bus, which has been involved in trials on Paris’ number 21 line. France also offers a particularly fine outlook across its cities with populations of over 200,000, as they increasingly opt for electric transport. These include Paris that will have transitioned to a fully electric fleet by 2025, providing a mass market for Forsee Power.

The marine sector is also growing rapidly across Europe thanks to greater awareness of what is at stake in the transition to clean energy. Forsee Power has been working with Holland’s HyPS (Hybrid Propulsion Systems) since 2014. HyPS is a subsidiary of Alewinjsne that specialises in the design, production, and maintenance of hybrid marine propulsion systems for luxury yachts.

In France, Forsee Power supplied the battery system used by the Energy Observer, the first electric catamaran with an independent energy supply.

In closing, the rail sector is also strategic for Forsee Power, which is developing battery systems for the biggest international brands in Europe and Asia.

Forsee Power, an international player setting out to crack China and the USA

In China, where electric mobility is a mature market, Forsee Power has established an initial position in the scooter market, one that boasts very high potential with more than 200 million scooters currently equipped with inefficient lead and lithium-ion batteries. The Chinese government has been making electric mobility a priority in its five-year plans for over a decade, and although 88% of batteries are currently lead accumulators, the transition to lithium-ion is definitely underway.

With its advanced lithium-ion solutions currently equipping the Kaitong scooters, Forsee Power is particularly well-placed to support this transition in China, where the French SMB has made considerable investments in its production capacity. The automated battery assembly lines at its Chinese facility in Zhongshan can satisfy the demand of 1000 buses per year (Flex and Pulse systems) and150 staff are currently working on more than forty projects. Its Asian customers, who export their scooters to Europe, greatly appreciate Forsee Power’s European presence as it guarantees local after-sales services.

“The performance, safety, and long life of Forsee Power’s batteries make them the go-to solution for prestigious clients in China’s bus and light mobility industries. We also expect high demand from the rail industry as its network continues to grow”, Christophe Gurtner, Forsee Power’s CEO, explains.

In North America, in addition to electric buses, Forsee Power is establishing a position in the highly lucrative medical market. Breas, a joint American and Swedish manufacturer of medical respiratory devices, chose Forsee Power to make its internal and external batteries. Forsee Power is also the main supplier of lithium-ion batteries to the American firms O² Concept and Precision Medical. Forsee Power batteries power the oxygen ventilators made by these two groups, both leading manufacturers of respiratory devices and medical equipment.

Forsee Power also supports its customers beyond the production of battery systems, with a range of batteries’ second-life and end-of-life services. In partnership with Mitsubishi Motors, Mitsubishi Corporation, PSA Peugeot Citroën and EDF, Forsee Power is offering an energy storage solution with used lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles. These services will optimise the energy management network and systems by combining solar power, electric vehicles, and stationary storage using new and used batteries. Forsee Power is currently developing demonstration models that will later be released onto the market.  

To support this strong growth, Forsee Power is undertaking a major recruitment drive with 50 new staff planned for France and 20 for China in 2017.

“Working with Forsee Power provides a number of advantages. Agile and definitely innovative, the company offers its staff excellent internal and international career prospects. We are growing quickly and have signed contracts with iconic companies in the transport industry: We are proud of how Forsee Power has grown thanks to the people and talent that have proven able to develop cutting edge technologies that are respected by the international market”, Christophe Gurtner concludes.