The electric scooters produced by Chinese manufacturer NIU will be fitted with Forsee Power batteries


Between now and 2022, the French group will produce more than 100,000 batteries for the world leader in smart scooters


Paris, 14 February 2019 – Forsee Power, the French expert in smart battery systems, will supply the batteries for smart scooters manufactured by the Chinese company NIU Technologies. This contract further strengthens the position of Forsee Power in the personal and urban mobility segment, at the same time as extending its expertise in this market.


Confirmed in December last year, this new partnership plans to begin battery deliveries during the first quarter of 2019. Deliveries will then continue through to 2022. This will enable Forsee Power to develop multiple high-level bespoke lithium-ion batteries to power NIU smart electric scooter models, the N-Series, M-Series and U-Series.


The NIU scooters will be powered by Forsee Power battery systems delivering ranges of more than 80 kilometres, with all batteries covered by a two-year warranty. Forsee Power plans to produce more than 100,000 batteries for NIU at its Zhongshan facility in Guangdong province. 


“This contract confirms the capability of Forsee Power to supply one of the largest stakeholders in the personal mobility market”, says Frederik Baudrier, Director of the Smart Life Division at Forsee Power. “Our longstanding expertise in this market and our understanding of the issues involved are the assets that have enabled us to win this encouraging contract. The reliability of our products and the quality of our technologies were also influential factors in our customer’s decision, confirming the effectiveness of our Asian and European market strategy”.

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