Following years of research, Forsee Power has developed a range of li-ion based intelligent modular battery systems equipped with: 

  • + The latest and most robust battery cell materials available on the market 
  • + Proprietary Battery Management Systems that integrate high-performance electronics, accurate voltage readings and efficient communication systems

All this enables more efficient power and thermal management, long-term reliability, safety and lifetime value. 

As partners to our clients, Forsee Power thrives to:

  • + Leverage the most cutting-edge battery technologies.
  • + Push the boundaries between the digital and the industrial world.
  • + Choose the most optimal solution to power your applications and support your energy transition with agility and reliability.

Forsee Power intelligent modular battery systems help our clients : 

  • + Get the convenience of an off-the-shelf battery produced on an industrial scale.
  • + Reduce the time needed to develop growing sophisticated applications.
  • + Simplify the upgrading and longevity of batteries by altering the structure or organization of the management system without needing to completely overhaul it.

We believe our research and innovation efforts are key factors in our success. We leverage our own scientific and engineering talent globally and partner with our historic investor to ensure access to infrastructure and knowledge of renowned experts in the battery and energy fields.

€110 million

R&D cumulated investments


Research centers


Registered patents


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