NEoT Capital is financing access to electric energy

Forsee Power and leading international companies including EDF and Mitsubishi Corporation founded NEoT Capital, the first ever international company dedicated to funding distributed renewable energies and electric mobility, primarily battery-based.

These international companies decided to join forces to accelerate the development of these new solutions in the transition to clean energy through an unprecedented and unique scheme that meets two major challenges:

  • + Financial challenges: highly complex energy solutions to fund and require considerable long-term investment.
  • + Technological challenges: these solutions included new technologies that demand specific expertise and which can appear too risky for users or operators.

NEoT Green Mobility, the first “Embedded Energy”-type battery funding structure devoted to urban electric mobility has been created in partnership with the Caisse des Dépôts. It will allow local councils and operators in the sector to benefit from turnkey electric mobility solutions potentially covering all types of transport (moto scooters, buses, lorries, trains, boats, etc.).

The option of offering our clients financing services will be a real asset for Forsee Power, particularly in the booming bus and moto scooter-sharing markets.