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Energy & power opportunity-charging module for all-electric and hybrid heavy vehicles




Developed from “pouch” cells, the Forsee Power Flex 7 is an opportunity-charging energy & power battery module for all-electric and hybrid heavy vehicles.

With a 150 kWh FLEX 7 battery system, a battery can cover more than 320 km daily thanks to the opportunity recharge which allows the battery to be recharged to 40% in 30 minutes.

Managed by an efficient liquid thermal management and designed to last up to 10 years, the modular 7 kWh system can be connected in series and in parallel for an easy integration into the vehicles.

Full day operation or opportunity charging

High power-to-energy ratio

Scalable modular system

7 kWh modules connected both in series and in parallel

Liquid thermal management

Optimizes the battery system cycle life

Forsee Power electrifies Socofer’s maintenance locomotives

Since 2020, we supply the railway manufacturer Socofer, selected by Getlink (formerly Eurotunnel) to equip 19 maintenance locomotives. It integrates the Forsee Power FLEX 7 batteries already proven in many Transport projects (buses, industrial vehicles, boats), composed of NMC type lithium-ion technologies combining energy and power. The goal is to replace the current diesel locomotives with a 100% electric solution.

The mission of Socofer and Forsee Power meets a precise specification, on three rolling equipment in charge of the maintenance of terrestrial and submarine infrastructures: the cleaning trains, the catenary trains and the PRD trains – for the maintenance of the pressure relief duct.

Wrightbus’ StreetAir EV bus runs 18-hour service with FLEX 7

Since 2013, Forsee Power has been the battery partner of Wrightbus when it comes 100%-electric bus applications. Wrightbus equips its StreetAir EV buses with robustness batteries, which require an outstanding lifespan, and was concerned about the recharge rate. Forsee Power recommended its FLEX 7 battery systems with no need to charge the battery during the whole day and with over 10 years of lifespan .

The performance of this 300 kWh battery solution on-board – 6 string of 7 modules per bus –  makes it easy for the 10.6-meter-long single deck to cover up to 200 miles before charging is required.


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